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SARA X JIJI du 2 au 9 Juin 2018

SARAXJIJI was created in 2000.
SARAXJIJI items are produced with care and attention and are
designed to be lastingly loved and enjoyed by our customers.
Our designers work on designing and producing samples, then local
craftsmen produce the items for sale. The result is quality,
attentively made garments.
We create original but simple garments to be comfortably worn on a
daily basis. The standard of design, fabric and production techniques
reflects this.
You can see our original line and selected items, such as bags and
accessories, at Studio 110 – 110 rue Caulaincourt, from June 2nd to June 9th.

Communiqué de presse : Saraxjiji_Paris_2018_CP_final-BDef